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Calico Kittens

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Calico Kittens Unstamped Prototype Cat Playing with Popcorn #104149, 2002, 2" Tall by 3 1/4" Wide

Item # CAL-117

Price $25.00

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Calico Kittens  Cat Playing with Popcorn Entitled "Having a Ball"  Feed Me Meow Popcorn Ball Figurine #104149, 2002, 2" Tall by 3 1/4" Wide.

Item # CAL-Popcorn


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Calico Kittens "Laughter Drives a Winning Friendship"  Golfing Cat.  Kitten with Golf Ball Figurine. Enesco #454664.  Measures 3" Tall by 3 3/4" Wide.

Item # CAL-Golf

Price $20.00

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Calico Kittens Unstamped Prototype Cats with Milk and Cookies For Santa, Spilling Milk LARGE #104642, Dated 12/14/01, 5" Tall by 5 1/4" Wide

Item # CAL-121

Price $32.50

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 Calico Kittens Cat Tipping Over Plant. Poinsettia Pruning  Enesco # 865788.  Dated 12/18/00.  Measures 3 1/4" Tall By 3 1/4" Wide.

Item # CAL-Tipover

Price $25.00

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Prototype 1st Sample Calico Kittens "I'm Ready to Cuddle With You!" Cat with Heart Pillow.  Enesco #104080 From 2002.  Measures 2 1/2" Tall by 3" Wide.

Item # CAL-Cuddle

Price $27.50

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Calico Kittens Hanging Cat Ornament. "Welcome To Our New Home".   Measures 4" Tall by 2" Wide.

Item # CAL-Welcome

Price $15.00

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Calico Kittens Baby Cat in Cradle or Basket Ornament. Enesco #104085, 2002.   Measures 1 3/4" Tall by 2" Wide.

Item # CAL-Babyorn

Price $15.00

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