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Belsnickle Samsnickle Uncle Sam Firefighter Figurine with Dalmatian Dog At his  Side.   Enesco #674362 from 1998.   This Linda Lindquist Baldwin Original Measures about 8" Tall.

Item # BEL-Fireman

Price $25.00

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Large Limited Edition Samsnickle Uncle Sam Playing Drums Number 0825 of 1999.  Enesco #481734.  Linda Lindquist Baldwin Creation from 1998.   Measures 12" Tall.

Item # BEL-129

Price $75.00

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Santa Holding Flag Prototype by Enesco.  This is a Very Large Display piece that Measures over 9" tall. 

Item # BEL-131


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Samsnickle Stars and Stripes (Snowflakes) Star Shaped Box enesco #107675, 1998 (2" tall by 6" wide)

Item # BEL-132

Price $25.00

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Samsnickle Lapel Pin enesco 1998 (2 1/2" tall by 1 3/4" wide)

Item # BEL-Samlapel

Price $18.50

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 Samsnickle Uncle Sam Santa with Flag Riding Tricycle Horse.  Enesco #481718 from 1998.  Lindquist Baldwin Creation.  Measures 6 1/2" Tall by 6 1/2" Long.

Item # BEL-133

Price $75.00

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Belsnickle Santas  Snowsnickles  Haresnickles  Samsnickles  Bloomsnickles  Broomsnickles

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